Kuai Acupuncture Reviews Asheville, NC

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Kuai Acupuncture Reviews, Asheville NC

I am very grateful, and my wife is especially delighted, that Dr. Kuai has s stopped my Restless Leg Syndrome and has greatly reduced my snoring. I  have had Restless Leg Syndrome since 2005.

Maurice Loiselle
Asheville, NC

This is the first time in 10 years that I have had no pain in my legs and feet. I may even be able to dance again! I have had much experience with Acupuncture, but no one has helped me as much as Fr. Kuai!

Karen Topol
Asheville, NC

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I moved to Asheville in 1996, bringing a long history of acupuncture treatment.  In 2007, after a bout of illnesses and medication reactions, I had what Western medicine would have called “chronic fatigue syndrome.” I would have been fed pharmaceuticals, but instead I traveled from South Carolina to see Dr. Kuai. He treated me with teas, herbs, Chinese patent medicines, and weekly acupuncture treatments. Except for some deficits in my overall energy level, I achieved not just symptom management but full recovery! I truly believe this would not have been possible with Western medicine. I continue to see Dr. Kuai, and my treatments manage my immune system and prevent routine illnesses. I am no longer an on again-off-again patient, I am a loyal client.
Chrysse Everhart 
Asheville, NC

I moved with my wife to Asheville, NC in 1996. I had tremendous success with previous acupuncture for sciatica; I have a chronically tight back that doesn’t respond fully to stretching, etc. I had tried other local practitioners for my sciatica, but not with the same success as I received with Dr. Kuai.  He also aided my wife’s recovery from a devasting level of illness. I currently see him regularly for maintenance of my general health/immune system. His treatments have also helped when I was having difficult side effects from a medication I was required to take. He is vital to keeping my health in balance. He is very flexible with his schedule. His bedside manner and gentle demeanor help to put my usual nervousness at ease. I recommend him to all of my colleagues and friends.
Marc Eden or Marc E.
Asheville, NC

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For many years Dr Kuai has been treating me for both chronic and acute conditions. He is a master healer and friend, and I am blessed by his presence in my life.
Lenore A.
Asheville, NC

I’m so happy to find Dr Kuai is still in practice! I just moved back to Asheville in 2014, and am thrilled to say he has worked his magic again! I began seeing Dr Kuai in 1996, and was astonished by how he balanced my digestion in three treatments. I felt better immediately after the first treatment. He is my go-to doctor now for any medical concern. Still going strong at age 83, with the wisdom he practices in healthy living habits and strengthening.

Jesse White, Asheville NC and Santa Fe, NM